Wing It for Kids

Wing It for Kids

Upcoming Show: June 13, 2020

Show Times: 10:30am in the Osterman Theatre

Tickets: $5 at the door. Cash or Check ONLY

Join Clackamas Rep for “Wing It,” an interactive series of shows for children. They’re sure to have fun!

Children will have fun helping five silly creatures get out of a jam and learn their lessons when they misbehave. Amid dancing, singing, much laughter and a little yelling, our five friends – Totes the goat, Luna the owl, Buzz Buzz the bee, Rita the fruit fly and Roxy the fox – will eventually solve the problem of the day.

Each performance will be a fresh story with new conundrums that will require the help of young minds to solve! The grand finale? A talent show in which the children are invited onto the stage to sing a song, recite a poem or tell a joke.

“Wing It” is the creation of Travis Nodurft, a professional clown and a founding company member of Clackamas Rep. Nodurft teaches sixth-grade in Oregon City.