One Slight Hitch

The Music Man
December 22, 2016
Wing It
December 29, 2016

Written By: Lewis Black
Directed By: Jayne Stevens

June 30 – July 24, 2016

It is Courtney’s wedding day, and her mom, Delia, is making sure that everything is perfect. The groom is perfect, the dress is perfect, and the decorations (assuming they arrive) will be perfect. Then, like in any good farce the doorbell rings. Despite the family’s desperately wacky attempts to keep the day on track everything falls apart. So much for perfect.

  • If sustained laughter is the best measure of a comedy, One Slight Hitch makes the grade.
    Asbury Park Press
  • There's more than a touch of Neil Simon in the morose Mr. Black.
    NY Times