Current Donors

We truly appreciate the generosity of our donors. Their contributions to Clackamas Repertory Theatre enable us to provide high quality, financially accessible productions to our community.

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Thank you to:

William and Virginia Allen

Janet and Richard Andersen
Tobias Andersen
Trieste Andrews and Roger Rau
Diane Angelo
Jacque Arellano
Margie and Scott Arighi
Robert Armstrong
Gloria Arts
Carolyn Ashton
Kathleen and Jerry Asquith
Lee and Norma Barney
Anne Batey
Jeff and Jeanne Becker
Judy Becker
Bonita Beisell
Sandra Bennett
Mike Berck
John and Lynn Betteridge
Bruce Betzer and Claire Kellogg
Brian M. and Vicki L. Biggs
Sue Bladen
Fred and Carol Blake
Nancy Bley
Pam Bloom
Kathryn Bowden
Bernetta and Dave Bowles
Steve and Liz Braman
Kim Breckel
Krista Breunsbach
Bill and Barbara Briare
Dale and Marie Buck
Linda Butts
Steve and Karen Callaghan
Danny Caputo
Charles Carpenter
Ron and Wendy Carter
Ray Cartledge
Rocky and Sandy Catt
Rita Charlesworth
Janelle Chorzempa
Jay Clemens
Joanne Collins
Marcia Colton
Diana and Paul Colvin
Maureen Conley
Jennifer and Dale Cook
Beth and Mike Cornell
Dave and Sandra Coronel
Colette Crabbe
Beth Daniell
Laveta Day
Diane Deardorff
Gale DeFontes
David and Kate Dickson
Marilyn Joy Dietrich
Eugene and Florence Diloreto
William and Verlie Donley
Cherie Donohue
Randi Douglas
Alice Downs
Ernie Drapela
Marla and Brian Duffield
William and Patricia Dugan
Verne Duncan
Erik Eason
Loris Eastman
Elizabeth and Bill Eklund
Jim and Cathy Elting
Martin and Dawn Engel
Bruce Evans and Ellen Malizia
Tom and Terri Faires
Julie Fitzgerald and Robert Renfro
Marti Franc
Jerry and Anne Frazier
Tom and Mary Jo Fruechtel
Peggy and Robert Fujimoto
Catherine Furnal
Walter and Patricia Garvin
Garry and J. Darlene Gault
George and Mary Gerding
Diane Giampaoli
Lori Gibbs
Elisabeth Gillem
Glenda Gingras
Billy and Jeanne Glenn
Dave and Denise Goding
Marlin and Elisabeth Goebel
Louisa Gonyou
James and Betty Grady
Bruce Graff
David and Cindy Green
Karen and Craig Greenleaf
Carol Griesmeyer
Nicholas Guarriello
Ardith and Jim Hall
Bruce Hallock
Heather Hannam and Gary Warren
Michael Hanslits
Art and Dee Hanson
Tanya Hanson
Dale Hatfield
Alice and Bob Hayden
Robynn Hayek
Kent and Jane Haynes
Larry and Donna Hazel
Lora and Steven Heli
Diana Helm
Francoise Henard-Sillis
Robert and Linda Herndon
Glenn Herz
Judith Hillend
Bruce Hixon
Roger Hollingsworth
Judy Holt
Betsy and Jim Holzgraf
Erin Hooley
Hisae Hougardy-Sato
Elizabeth Howley and Howard Waldman
Nancy Hungerford
Sandra Hyslop
Byron Ingram
Katherine Jeffcott
Deena and Neil Jensen
Robert and Constance Johns
Gordon and Joy Johnson
Julie Johnson
Sharon Johnson and Bill Patten
Bill and Shirley Judd
Robert and Marrianne Kahl
Hugh and Ramona Kalani
Susan Kara
Cherie L, Kennedy
Bill and Cherie Kennemer
Dr. John and Marilynne Keyser
Carol King
Tyler King and Natalie Goriel
Gerald and Marlene Knechtel
Bob and Ginger Koch
Sonja Kollias
Robin Kurniawan
Nancy Lafayette
Gail Lambert
Nancy and Arnold Lane
Marjorie Larson
Ronald and Raelene Larson
Claudio Lima
Chris Ling
Sundhara Linton
Karlyn Love and Mark Schwahn
Terrie Lynne
Richard and Sharron Macy
Robert Macy
Brian Maher
John Manley
Karen and Ric Martini
John Martinson
Carin Mateyko
James and Mary Mattis
Anne and Mike McCallister
June McLean
Teresa Meyer
Christina and Bruce Moffett
Michael and Esther Monical
James and Bryna Montgomery
Michael and Dolores Moore
Paul and Fiona Moredock
Janice and Larry Moseley
Mike Moses
Thomas Mott
Doug Neeley and Elisabeth Miles
Gary Nelson and Diane Dennis
Eyke and Paul Nicholson
Margaret and Gary Noble
Ron Nordeen and Ginna Jones
Cynthia Nordstrom
Alice and Mike Norris
Kathleen Olson
Patricia O’Meara and Jeannie Botelho
Steve Ossowski
Jim Osterman
Rusty and Linda Painter
Gail and G.H. Parrick
James and Susan Patterson
Deb Payne
James and Judith Peitz
Cynthia Pfaendler
Marie and Daryl Phillippi
Wade and Sunya Porter
Stephen Powell and Susan Sadzikowski
Rebecca Prentice
Debra Price
Ellen and Don Reardon
Jane Reid and Gary Warkentin
Barbara Renken
Mary and Randy Rhode
Bruce Richards
Tom and Deniece Richards
Jane Rickenbaugh and Tom Hogan
Katherine Roe
Nancy Rogers
Jeannie and Robert Rosenthal
Linda Ruedy
Ruth Mary Ruhl
John and Lindy Rutherford
Ken Saito
Sue Sampson
Michael Sands and Jane Robinson
Sue Ellen Sayers
Ann and Leroy Schaap
Rod and Vicki Schmall
Frederick and Una Schmidt
Joan Schultze
Peter and Jeanette Scott
Florence and Ron Sczensy
Margo and Joseph Sercu
Jack Shields
W. Roger Ostrom and Linda Showman
Steve Sirkin
Gerald Skeels
Tom and Lori Slick
Teri Smith
Vicki Smith
Cyndy and David Smith-English
Cheryl Snow
Marty Sodorff-Ferguson
Patricia Sperline
Ellen Spitaleri and Dick Trtek
Sharon Staples
George and Carolee Starbuck
Bill and Patsy Steimer
Phil and Sandi Steinfeld
Scott and Leslie Stephens
Lana Stillwell
Charles and Denise Stinson
Sharon E. Streeter
Leo and Molly Tautfest
Jean Thomas
Gary Thompson
Ted and Sharon Thonstad
Karmin Tomlinson
Jan-Erik Torneus
Susan Auerbach Triplett
Don and Sue Trotter
Boyce and Janice Troxler
Jean Uzelac
Susan and Tom Walsh
Helen Wand
Larry and Kathy Ward
The Keith Watson Family
Dave and Andrea Weber
Judith Weber
Joanne Wegner
Thor and Barbara Wegner
Gary and Carolyn Weinstein
Paul and Carolynn Wheatcraft
Danny and Joanne White
Jim White
Maureen Whitman
Tom and Nancy Wilcox
The Thomas Willis Family
Kathy Witkowski
Kathleen Worley
Angela Wright
Don Wright
Tim and Daphne Wuest
Jack Wussow and Kyle Adams
Vicki and Phil Yates
Joan and John Young
Jennifer Ziolko
Susan and Mike Ziolko
Pamela and Tom Zschoche


Advance Gender Equity in the Arts
Arts Action Alliance Foundation
Avid Real Estate Executives LLC
Citizens Bank
Clackamas Federal Credit Union
Double J Construction
Kinsman Foundation
Milwaukie Floors & More, LLC
Morrissey Financial
National Endowment for the Arts
Northwest Natural
Opsis Architecture
Oregon Arts Commission
Oregon Cultural Trust
Oregon Impact
Ralph and Adolph Jacobs Foundation
Regional Arts & Culture Council
Rocksmeyer, Inc
Terra Casa, LLC
Tom Dwyer Automotive Service, Inc
Turtledove Clemens

*Gifts received September, 2019 – December, 2020.