Plan Your Visit

We’ve chosen Oregon City as a home not only for its possibilities but also for what it is — a different place, laid back in its approach, a less hurried and harried experience for families, seniors, and all audience members.

The invitation to take in a Clackamas Rep performance is also a chance for people to see the Clackamas Community College campus, a pastoral escape complete with views of Mount Hood and the surrounding mountain ranges. In removing the hassle and concern of parking, for instance, we invite patrons and visitors to breathe easy into the experience of taking in a show.

From there, in part because we want people to explore Oregon City before and after a performance, our ticket prices remain some of the lowest and most competitive in the region, an added bonus when you consider the quality of our performances.

For us, moments and memories are best created in the company of friends, family, and close acquaintances. We want people to come in groups, laugh and cry together, then walk home with a shared experience that will always remain both personal and collective.


Osterman Theatre is an immersive environment that instantly transports audiences into the reality of the performance itself. They walk into what is perhaps the ultimate escape: a comfortable seat in a clean theatre filled with soft, ambient light and the lull of quiet, expectant conversations. The expectations they bring with them actually go up when they enter the theatre — comfortable, inviting and inclusive, aisles that are easy to traverse, plenty of legroom with each seat, and a great view from everywhere.

Their transformation continues, as the theatre holds energies from past performances, and also makes way for new memories to become part of the unfolding moment.

The unique intimacy of the space creates a feel of almost being on stage while a performance is happening. Audiences appreciate this up close experience, and come to look forward to this immersive quality with each return.


Wheelchair seating is available, and can be selected when you purchase your tickets online. Hearing devices are available and the facilities are ADA accessible for our guests.


Once you arrive at the Niemeyer Center, you’ll have no trouble finding ample free parking, or taking a nice quiet stroll into the show.


Clackamas Repertory Theatre